Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Blinking Cursor

For the "writer" in me... the blinking cursur is the biggest Curse- a potential well, I seem to fail to climb up!
The simple reason, that I do not want this blog to turn in to a page right out of " My Dear Diary".. and this puts me to think... why should I publish my articles (hundreds written since I started the blog three years back.)

Observations on life, take on events, opinions on things, a casual comment, a passive belief just with a drop of active scepticism.... So many triggers and even more toggles!

Creative pursuits searching for a subject beyond the "Cursor Pot. Well"

Blink... Blink.... Blink

Penny for your thoughts?!

1 comment:

Utpal said...

To climb over to subjects beyond the cursor potential, you need to utilize the 'lesser' subjects of random notes on life, and such. This is where a blog comes in play. You need the blog to help you climb up and beyond to reach a place that will result in a prize wining novel.

I hope I understood the metaphor, that you came up with in ssemi-subconsciousness, correctly.