Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Blinking Cursor

For the "writer" in me... the blinking cursur is the biggest Curse- a potential well, I seem to fail to climb up!
The simple reason, that I do not want this blog to turn in to a page right out of " My Dear Diary".. and this puts me to think... why should I publish my articles (hundreds written since I started the blog three years back.)

Observations on life, take on events, opinions on things, a casual comment, a passive belief just with a drop of active scepticism.... So many triggers and even more toggles!

Creative pursuits searching for a subject beyond the "Cursor Pot. Well"

Blink... Blink.... Blink

Penny for your thoughts?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There are a thousand things to blog about, but when it comes to "penning down" it goes.. blink.... blink..... So with nothing particular in mind, I have set foot, ah! I beg your pardon, hands... to write down.. well... something ... for sure!!
Guess it is the " Blogger's attitude" .... for time to tell....

I can almost feel the rust on the spontenity vehicle, the cranking of the parts..... whoa... this is going to be quite an effort.....
For starters.... am blogging from the office... not because i have no work ( it is rather the opposite!!) The want of a break into a meaningful engagement ( which includes, lunch room discussion, going thru the paper, surfing the net, talking over the phone... my office environ sounds like fun eh ! ) I chanced upon bloging...

Think its time to conclude my directionless meandering "post" now ...

see you later

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well Had been "Blogging " a lot (Passive though :) ..... reading essentially.....
Time to make people suffer now as well!!!!
watch out this space for more